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Proskills UK

Proskills UK is an employer-led organisation that represents the interests of the furniture industry sector to the UK Government.

We are the industries voice on all skills related issues:

  • We are responsible for ensuring that the current skills and funding systems delivers against the needs of our employers.
  • We develop the standards and qualification that employees undertake. We research the needs and trends of the industry and articulate these into relevant training solutions.
  • We ensure that the right skills platform is in place and the right framework exists to support skills investment.
  • We are charged with raising the profile of the sector to promote the industry as a real career choice.

In collaboration with our employers we work towards ensuring the sustainability of the sector.

Proskills focus is on developing standards and qualifications, researching industry needs and trends and engaging with employers through the Industry Boards, with the UK Government and their agencies, as well as with other partner organisations.