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hm college NL

HM college (HMC) provides vocational education and training for the woodworking, furniture and interior sectors in the Netherlands.

HMC is government subsidized and the only vocational college in the Netherlands specialized in industrial and handmade furniture production, woodwork for the construction industry as well as interior design consulting and furniture retail.

We are based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and offer two, three and four-year full-time and part-time educational programs to approximately 3000 students in the age of 16-21 years. We also provide training programs for those who already work in the industry.

The teaching staff of the college exists of more than 140 teachers all with experience in the relevant industry. This not only provides good guidance for the curriculum, but also guarantees good contacts for students to obtain positions for their practical semesters as well as a good start for their careers after they have succeeded their exams.

The college was founded in 1929 by the employers association and still representatives from the industry are involved in several advisory boards and in the board of governors.