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European core profile "Cabinet Maker"

The Cabinet maker/Wood-mechanic produces furniture and parts of furniture. He or she works as a skilled worker for large and medium sized companies operating in the furniture industry or in small, more craft-based companies.

The cabinet maker
• works in accordance with basic health and safety regulations, including environmental protection and efficient energy use
• Works in a customer-oriented manner
• Considers cost- and time-effectiveness when planning and organizing his/her work in his/her area of influence
• Contributes to continuous improvement of work processes in the company
• Coordinates work with the rest of the team, reports to his/her team leader
• Cooperates with other departments (administrative, commercial and technical services)
• Assists in the implementation of quality assurance activities

The cabinet maker works under the supervision of the team leader/foreperson and has a high level of responsibility for the quality of his/her own work and the work of co-workers.
He/she works independently in familiar and predictable contexts. He/she adapts his/her behaviour to the situation when solving problems. He/she is able to investigate new materials and innovative work-methods

A skilled cabinet maker is able to deal with the following aspects of knowledge, skills and competencies:

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