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Social Dialogue

Memorandum of Understanding

One of the aims of the Bolster-up project was to closely integrate the project with the existing European Social Dialogue Furniture (SD) where social partners regularly meet to discuss - among other issues concerning the sector - training issues.  The members of the SD were a major driving force behind the project itself. The project partner EFBWW coordinated close communication and exchange of opinion between project activities and the SD. Hereby, we achieved a high level of acceptance and recognition of the core profiles by social partners in Europe. One of the final project results is the Memorandum of Understanding which was drafted by EFBWW and accepted by all members of the SD. The members of the social dialogue who are represented in the project consortium developed it to feed results into the dialogue and to reach final agreement on mutual recognition of the profiles.

The Memorandum of Understanding is a recognition instrument which was developed by the project partners in cooperation with other members of the SD Furniture. In it, the members of the SD lay out a road map for future activities towards better transparency and comparability of qualification profiles at European level.

Memorandum of Understanding EN

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