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WP 1 - Project management

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Articles in furniture publications

Article published in issue 1/2013 of Mobila Magazine, the magazine of the Romanian furniture industry, member of International Alliance of Furniture Publications ( There is also an English summary of the article on the website of the magazine.

minutes 4th and finl project meetings

Please find here the minutes of our 4th and final project meetings.

Annexes to the minutes of the final project meeting:
final evaluation (ppt)
financial report (ppt)

minutes 1.-3. project meetings

Please find here our minutes from the kick-off meeting till the 3rd project meetings

National reports - last batch


Next batch of national reports

National reports - current versions

Dear all,


please find attached the current versions of our national reports. In case you find that yours isn't the latest one, please upload the correct version in this thread.


Best regards,


testing forum for WP 3

This is a test thread...

Test Forenthread

This is a Test to show how to create a new Thread in a Forum.