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Timber Chamber


The Bulgarian branch chamber of woodworking and furniture industries /BBCWFI/ was established in 1992 as a not-for-profit association of legal entities coming from the wood and furniture sector in Bulgaria. We have about 240 members. The members of the BBCWFI are engaged in manufacture, trade, research and other activities related to wood processing, production and marketing of wood material and furniture, joinery, wooden houses, as well as production and marketing of machines, products and materials associated with wood processing and furniture production. As a uniqe organization BBCWFI represents the interests of Bulgarian furniture and woodworking companies at nationale and international levels.


- Provides information on materials, technologies, equipment and innovations in the industry, the international markets, possibilities for trade relations and cooperation, involvement in various operational programs to support small and medium business;

- Conducts research, analysis and expertise, training of personnel, helps finding resources, creating links in Bulgaria and abroad, organizes various training courses;
- Organizes together with Bulgarreklama agency the annual international exhibitions TECHNOMEBEL /of materials, machines and equipment for the woodworking industry/ and WORLD OF FURNITURE
/ furniture, interior design/;
- Conducts the program "Approved Bulgarian furniture" for legality and compliance with the European directives in the manufacture of Bulgarian made furniture.